3 Elements of Search Engine Optimization

When you have a web presence, the best way to maximize the return on your investment is to ensure the digital assets are optimized for the search engines. Several factors go into creating a search engine optimization campaign that delivers desired results. Professionals from SEO Chicago, for example, assess your website’s current ranking and develop a plan based on their findings.

Here are three elements that go into an SEO campaign.

Understanding SEO

SEO is similar to marketing and advertising in that you do not always see results right away. Results may trickle in over a period of time instead of all at once. One goal of SEO is to roll out a campaign that leads to organic growth. Although you may pay a firm and their professionals to optimize your website and digital assets, it earns you online visibility that cannot be purchased. Your company’s information can be submitted to local directories, and over time, they will help your rankings with the search engines.

On-Page Content

When your website is optimized for the search engines, the on-page content will be assessed. The on-page element acts as the facts about your website. The site’s architecture, the content it provides to clients and potential customers is important to the search engines. Therefore, it must be relevant to the keywords as well as the products or services your business provides. The search engines measure authenticity.

Off-Page Content

Your website’s off-page content verifies the site’s on-page content. Links, mentions and shares all play a role. Referrals and reviews matter, too. The more quality off-page content that is created for your digital assets, the more proof it provides to the search engines that your website is legitimate and true.

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