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When you have lost a lot of teeth in your mouth, it is time to consider dentures from Cary IL dentists. You may need dentures on only the top or lower part of your mouth, but most individuals require a full set of dentures. Occasionally, you will have infected or damaged teeth that require removal before you begin wearing dentures. Alternatively, you may have worn dentures for several years, but you might need to replace the items to have a better fit or to have dentures that look beautiful. When you visit a dentist, she will need to examine your mouth along with collecting medical images and molds of your mouth.

Request Customized Dentures

Modern dentures in Cary IL are designed with computer software, helping the items to fit better in your mouth without needing numerous adjustments. The formfitting plastic resin supports are made in a special way for the upper and lower parts of your mouth. The bottom denture has a horseshoe-shaped support that fits over your lower gum ridge. However, the upper denture also has a plastic support that fits along the palate of your mouth. Each dental patient has a uniquely shaped mouth and gum ridges, so your dentures are 100 percent customized.

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When you wear dentures in Cary IL, you must learn how to insert and remove the devices carefully to avoid damaging the supports and the false teeth. Your dentist will make false teeth that create an attractive smile and a strong bite. Dentures should remain in place while you are talking and chewing without any slippage or clicking. If you have any problems with your dentures, then you should visit your dentist to have the devices repaired. Contact Cary Dental Associates LLC at our website.

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