A Basic Guide To Ordering Farmall Cub Parts

The Farmall Cub was the smallest in the line of tractors made by International Harvester. This iconic little tractor was made under a variety of names, including Farmall, McCormick-Deering or actually the International brand. The lines were produced up until 1981 at the plant in Louisville, Kentucky.

Even though they are no longer made, the Farmall Cub, either the Standard Cub or the Cub Lo-Boy, are still very popular tractors. They are perfect for acreages, or small farms were a general tractor is needed, and it is not hard to find one in use in any area of the country.

Durable, simple in design and easy to work on even for backyard mechanics, these make a terrific second tractor or a tractor for small projects. Despite being out of production, Farmall Cub parts are still fairly easy to find, particularly when shopping online.

Know The Tractor

As the design and style of these tractors were fairly constant, it is important to find out information on the specifics of the tractor you own before ordering Farmall Cub parts. Ordering the parts that fit your tractor prevents the need to try to modify the parts, or to have to go through the return and reorder process.

The serial number for the tractor is stamped on a small plate that is located on the right side of the tractor at the steering gear housing. The serial number of the engine is on the opposite side of the tractor, just over the tube to fill oil and stamped into the cylinder block. These two numbers can be used to ensure you are ordering the Farmall Cub parts for your specific tractor year of production.

When in doubt, talk to the tractor parts department professional. He or she should be familiar with the Farmall Cub lines and should be able to provide specifics on finding the necessary information or in choosing the right parts.

Let the team at Stevens Tractor Co, LLC. help you in finding the right Farmall Cub parts for your tractor. To place an order online or to browse our inventory, see us at www.stevenstractor.com.

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