Ways of Identifying Pool Problems that Need Pool Repairs

The scorching sun beats down upon your back, the hot air is stiff and humid, and the temperatures persistently continue to rise. Your clothes cling to your skin, dampened by the musky sweat emanating from your body. You cant wait to jump into your pool when you get home but alas you are reminded, because of poor maintenance you are now in need of pool maintenance in Palm Beach County.
Different kinds of problems brought about by your pools require different levels of repair. Some repairs can be performed easily through getting assistance from your local pool supplies while other difficulties will require an expert to tackle. Before taking on any kind of pool repairs, you need to determine if it is a problem that requires professional help or if it can be easily fixed.
One of the common problems encountered by pool owners is air leaks. This problem can be identified by looking out for significant bubbles in your return jets. The reason for the large bubbles is more often than not an air leak in the filtration system. To carry out this kind of pool repairs, check the strainer pot of the pump for an air leak. If you see significant air bubbles moving through the strainer pot you know that the air leak is on the suction side of the system plumbing either before or at the pump.
The color of the pool water is also a good indicator of different kinds of problems, if the pool water is milky and cloudy then the conditioner level maybe too high, the hardness level or the TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) level. If you begin to notice stains on the walls or floors in your  pool area, then your  pool may contain too much manganese copper or iron in the water.
Many of the pool repair can be avoided by ensuring proper maintenance of your  pool all through the year, especially during the winter months. If you encounter difficulties that require professional assistance, contact a pool maintenance company and request them to give you a clear guideline of how long the repairs could take.
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