What Is Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica in Eden Prairie?

Do you suffer from debilitating pain that runs down your lower back and legs? Perhaps you feel as though you cannot move well as a result of the pain. This may be an indication of sciatica. When it comes to resolving this problem, your doctor may not tell you there are options aside from pain medications. However, chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie can be a solution even if you have developed a chronic condition.

How Does It Help You?

When you get chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie, you open the door to new options. This is a noninvasive treatment, one that does not involve the use of chemicals or any type of surgery. Instead, your chiropractor will provide a full consultation and examination. He or she will then use x-rays and other factors to determine the underlying cause of the sciatica. This often means looking for areas where the sciatic nerve has been pinched or damaged. There could be areas of inflammation there.

From here, the chiropractor offers a treatment plan to address the problem. This generally will include the use of manipulation, a method of applying gentle pressure to the area to move the spinal column and joints away from the nerves. This helps to reduce the pressure and inflammation on that nerve and stops the pain. You may also benefit from massage therapy to speed up the healing of the nerve and the tissues nearby.

If you have been dealing with sciatica for some time, it is best to get help from a trusted professional. Chiropractic treatment for sciatica in Eden Prairie could be the ideal solution for many people. Take a look at the options available to you and find a professional dedicated to helping resolve your pain.

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