Hiring Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Fort Wayne IN

When someone has a basement flood from river water, steps will need to be taken immediately to remove moisture from their home in its entirety. Most people will contact one of the Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Fort Wayne IN after a flood takes place. Here are some of the tasks they will conduct to help keep damage at bay.

Personal Items Will Be Taken Out

If there are personal items in the basement that appear as if they are salvageable, the service will remove them from the home and relocate them to another area. They will be dried and cleaned off before the homeowner can use them again. Personal items that do not appear to be saved will not be removed until after water is removed from the home. The water should be removed quickly to minimize the chance of structural damage.

Water Will Be Removed Via Pump

A water restoration service will have the proper equipment to pump water of the home at a fast speed. This will be a better process than using buckets to remove flood water, as that can use a lot of energy with several people to get the job done. The water will be directed in a spot away from the foundation of the home so it does not make its way back inside.

The Interior Will Be Dried

A water damage restoration service will then dry the basement in its entirety. They will have high-powered fans and heating units available to dry all surfaces quickly. They will check on the condition of the wood and floors to decide if there will be a need for a removal and replacement of any of the building supplies used to construct the home.

The Basement Will Be Cleaned

After water is removed and the basement is dried, a cleaning session will be necessary. Since black mold can grow in areas where moisture was present, there may be a need for the removal of carpeting or drywall pieces. The restoration service will use a bleach-based agent to clean down all surfaces where flood water was present to help to kill bacteria and mold spores.

When there is a need to hire one of the water damage restoration professionals in Fort Wayne IN, finding one known for fast service is necessary. Browse our website to find out more today.

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