Test Water to Prevent Iron Toxicity

Clean, unpolluted water helps to keep everyone healthy, our clothes looking good, and our food tasting delicious. Different government standards are in place for each type of water. Contamination in drinking water or surface water, for example, can cause serious problems. If ingested, harmful chemicals can cause serious health problems. A search for Water Analysis Leesburg, FL will yield helpful results for homeowners looking for a professional evaluation. Even though chemical levels are closely monitored, mineral levels should stay balanced as well. Many homes and businesses have heightened levels of iron in their water.

Iron Water can cause more than just unsightly stains on sink basins and bathtubs. Stains in these places and on clothing become extremely difficult to remove. Mineral buildup can also reduce the efficiency of water heaters, costing the homeowner more money over time. After buildup of minerals has already done its damage, it is difficult, often impossible to reverse. Homeowners may end up purchasing new water heaters or pay higher energy bills due to a preventable problem. Water Analysis Leesburg, FL can prevent future expenses by informing the client of mineral levels so that proper steps can be taken to save their belongings.

No government mandated requirement exists to have the water in private homes tested, yet doing so costs far less than the replacement of equipment that holds or runs water through the structure, and may often be free. The simple lab test can be done on a small amount of tap water. No damage to walls or fixtures is necessary. Other than iron, the water is treated for hardness, pH, and nitrates. If problems with the water exist, it is easy to diagnose the problem and apply a treatment.

Depending on the level of the iron in the water, and the cause, different treatments may be needed. In some areas, a controversial phosphate treatment is available. Oftentimes, the best, and most environmentally friendly way to reduce the iron level in the water is to use a water softener, conditioner, refiner, or filtration system, or a combination of them all. Higher levels of iron are more likely to require multiple treatment types to attain the healthiest water. For more information visit us at EcoWater Systems Leesburg, FL

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