Dentists Can Order Dental Restorations

Dentists Can Order Dental Restorations

When you need a dental restoration for your mouth, your dentist will order the item from a dental laboratory Toronto professional. There are several types of dental restorations that are required for your teeth, and it is essential for the items to have durability while also being attractive. A dental laboratory technician understands how to use the measurements collected by your dentist and a computer software program to make the restorations that protect your teeth and that create an aesthetically pleasing smile. The dental restorations typically match the color of your surrounding teeth, and the items must fit precisely over a tooth.

Composite Resin Veneers

A dental laboratory Toronto dentists use will make thin composite resin or porcelain veneers that are designed for covering the front of a tooth. These lightweight restorations are used toward the front of your mouth to hide problems such as discolorations on the dental enamel or a chipped tooth. These restorations are made to fit on the tooth’s surface precisely and are attached with a waterproof resin. After the restoration is attached to the tooth, you can continue to chew food without worrying about any problems.

A Dentist Can Order Different Types of Dental Crowns

In addition to veneers, a dental laboratory Toronto’s technician can make several types of dental crowns. You may need a customized dental crown to cover a tooth that is damaged from an accident or a larger cavity. If your dentist performs a root canal procedure on a tooth, then a strong dental crown is required to protect the tooth’s shell. There are hollow dental crowns that are designed for fitting over a natural tooth, but you may also need a full-size dental crown that is placed on dental implants, dentures or dental bridges.

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