3 Signs That Your Teeth Need Whitening

You do a good job with your dental hygiene, but that’s not always enough to preserve the look of your teeth. Years of drinking certain beverages or using tobacco can leave the teeth looking a little stained. Are you a candidate for teeth whitening Hamilton? If any of the following applies to you, the answer is yes.

You Fail the Tissue Test

You’ve heard of the tissue test, but have you actually tried it? All you need is a piece of white tissue. Hold it up by your face while looking into a mirror. Smile and see how the hue of your teeth compares to the tissue. If there’s a marked difference, that’s a sure sign you should think about whitening treatments.

Your Teeth Don’t Look Clean After You Brush

While your mouth tastes fresh after you brush and floss, the teeth still look a little dull to you. The most likely reason is that they’ve yellowed a little as the years have gone by. By going in for teeth whitening Hamilton, it’s possible to do something about the stains and restore the look of your teeth. The dental team can also check your enamel and make sure it’s still strong.

You’re Starting to Smile With Your Lips Closed

Since your teeth don’t look the way they did in the past, you tend to hold back more when something’s funny or you see someone that you haven’t seen in some time. You still smile, but all of them are with your lips closed. Even when you laugh out loud, it’s usually behind your hand. All that will change after a few sessions of teeth whitening Hamilton. Once again, you can smile and laugh without wondering what others thing about your teeth.

Could you use a couple of whitening treatments? Schedule an appointment and let a professional take a look. You’ll be amazed at what can be done in a relatively short period of time.

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