Deck Construction in Austin

A great deal of planning goes into deck construction in Austin. Planning a deck includes not only establishing the size, style, and function but also includes selecting the proper materials and determining the best place to put it. Constructing a deck is an investment in your home. It adds usable living space for outdoor activities. Several materials are used in the construction of decks. These include pressure-treated wood, tropical hardwoods, cedar as well as engineered wood. Pressure-treated wood is the most common and the least expensive material. The base wood is yellow pine that is treated with chemicals that help to prevent insect infestation and rot.

Once the decision to add a deck has been made, the next thing to consider is size and style. AHS Construction has a great deal of experience in deck construction and can help you decide the proper proportion of the deck to the area of your yard. Many homeowners make the mistake of building the deck too large. Unbalanced proportions between the deck and the yard can decrease, rather than increase the resale value of the house.

Before starting construction, plan on how you will use the space. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining, this is a perfect time to consider a kitchen remodel as well. It may be ideal to join the deck and the house, putting a door from the deck directly into the kitchen. As well as considering the use, take into account maintenance. Every deck requires some degree of maintenance. Depending on the usage and the elements, the wood will have to be sealed or stained every couple of years. If low maintenance is important, you may wish to consider a composite material. Although a composite deck is more costly, the maintenance is much lower. All it takes is a periodic rinsing with clear water.

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