Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Paving Installation in Baltimore, MD

Residential property owners have a few choices when it comes to maintaining a beautiful and functional driveway. They can utilize gravel, concrete, or asphalt; however, asphalt is almost always the best option. Read on to find out why asphalt is the right choice for Driveway Paving Installation in Baltimore, MD.

It’s Cheap

Concrete driveways tend to be much more expensive than their asphalt counterparts. This is partly due to the increased amount of labor required to install a concrete driveway. Most homeowners don’t realize this, but it can take twice as long to pave a driveway using concrete as it does to perform asphalt Driveway Paving Installation in Baltimore, MD.

It’s Durable

It should be obvious that asphalt constitutes a more durable and longer-lasting alternative than gravel, which tends to migrate out of the driveway as cars and pedestrians come in and out and require constant maintenance to ensure that it doesn’t end up all over the lawn. What’s less obvious is that it’s also more durable than concrete for applications like driveways, where the pavement will be required to support large amounts of weight. In fact, an asphalt driveway can last as long as 30 years if it is provided with adequate maintenance.

Lower Maintenance Costs

While asphalt does usually require periodic maintenance and repairs such as crack sealing and repaving, the associated cost of performing these repairs is much lower than that required for similar damage to concrete. Plus, particularly handy homeowners can often perform basic repairs themselves.

Weather Resistance

Asphalt driveways are able to contract and expand along with rising and falling temperatures, which can be extremely helpful in areas like Maryland that experience dramatic temperature changes. Asphalt is, as a result, far less likely to form surface cracks than concrete when exposed to temperature fluctuations. It’s also able to withstand even serious storms, often without the need for anything but minor repairs.

Learn More Today

Still on the fence about making the switch to an asphalt driveway? Read more about paving techniques, maintenance, and local contractors online to find out why so many homeowners are changing their driveways over to asphalt today.

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