Creating Visual Borders With Outdoor LED Garden Lights

While many people think of outdoor LED garden lights as simple additions to the landscaping design, they also offer a lot of other benefits as well. Professional landscaping services that offer lighting installation often use garden lights as a subtle yet distinctive way to create spaces and borders throughout a landscaped area.

The next time you are in a public park or a garden or landscaped area at a resort or a hotel, make it a point to take note of the strategic placement of outdoor LED garden lights as a way to create distinctive areas and to highlight where walkways, viewing areas or even seating areas are located.

This same formula or design format can be incorporated into your own landscaping to create spaces within a backyard or even from a house with a dock, a fire pit or any other feature in the landscape. Lights can be used to highlight fish ponds, waterfalls, seating areas and even to accent foliage and plants.

Consider the Space

When using outdoor LED garden lights as a border or as boundary markers, it is important to design a plan to maximize the use of space. The smaller the yard or landscaped area, the fewer the lights that are required to create the illusion of two different spaces.

The idea of using the lights to border walkways or features is also important to consider with regards to the height of the lights. Lights that are closer to the ground tend to have a smaller light radius, which is ideal in smaller physical spaces. Taller lights can be used for corners, bends or special features as they provide an eye-level light that draws the eye.

Working with an outdoor lighting consultant can be very helpful in creating just the look you want. This also allows you to combine different garden lights, adding visual interest to the area.

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