What Can Bail Agents in Stamford, CT Do?

In Connecticut, bail bonds are an alternative to posting bail. The option is available to defendants who qualify for bail and don’t have the financial means to pay their full bail value. The process requires the defendant or their representative to approach a bonding agent. Local bail agents in Stamford, CT can assist criminal defendants by providing a bail bond.

Providing a Bail Bond

Bonding agents provide a bail bond to the defendant which covers a percentage of the total bail value. The defendant or their representative must provide the bonding agent with a percentage of the bail value up to fourteen percent.

Accepting Collateral for the Bail Bond

The bail bonds are secured with collateral if the defendant isn’t able to provide a cash payment. The collateral could include real estate, jewelry, automobiles, and savings accounts. CD accounts are also used to secured the bail bond. The defendant or the representative must provide a deed or title for real estate or automobiles.

Securing Release Documents

The bonding agent acquires the release documents from the judge after the bail bond is secured. A judge must sign the defendant’s release documents before the bonding agent can approach the county jail. Once the release documents are provided to the county jail, the defendant undergoes out-processing. The correctional officers return all personal belongings to the defendant and release them from the county jail.

Assisting Defendants Arrested over the Weekend

Whenever possible, a bonding agent will attempt to get a judge’s signature to arrange for a release for the defendant after a weekend arrest. Select bonding agents may have connections to local judges and have the opportunity to make the arrangements. However, if a judge is unavailable, the defendant will remain in the county jail until the following Monday morning.

In Connecticut, bail bonds are secured by providing a percentage of the total bail value. The financial products help criminal defendants who don’t have the full bail value. Bail bondsmen provide the bail bonds to any criminal defendant who is eligible for bail after their arraignment. Criminal defendants who need the assistance of bail agents in Stamford, CT are encouraged to contact Aces Bail Bonds right now.

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