6 Ways Large Corporations Use Metal Shelving to Stock Inventory

Metal shelving is a staple in warehouses around the world. These sturdy organizational tools offer storage for heavy equipment and can be customized for any workplace. As warehouses are a crucial part of the supply chain, their organization and efficiency allow for faster processing, shipping, and many other facets. Metal shelving provides a streamlined approach for inventory when compared to pallet racks and cantilever racks.
Here are six ways metal shelving features in different industries.

As department stores carry many items, ranging from clothing to electronics to bicycles, they utilize metal shelving heavily in their storage facilities. These may be streamlined compared to the pallet or cantilever shelving, but most companies do not believe they are aesthetically pleasing on the main floor.
In the retail industry, metal shelving may be used to organize inbound orders, outbound orders, new materials, and sort through items that may need to be sent back to the manufacturer.
2.Grocery Stores
In contrast to retail stores, grocery stores create aisles of metal shelving with some wire shelving mixed in for smaller items. These are standard equipment in the food industry.
These aisles are well organized, labeled, and reduce the amount of travel time needed to place new items on the shelves. Each aisle provides easy to access items for customers, are easy to clean, and offer a space-saving way to provide products.
3.Military Surplus
A military surplus warehouse does not need to place its shelves in a separate storage room. The austere look of metal shelving matches the regimented nature of the military. With more items than your average hardware store, a military surplus warehouse requires as many industrial shelving options as possible.

The automotive industry thrives on parts, used and new. These parts, tools, and other items are placed on metal shelving both in the stores and behind the counter. They are used to store headlights, various oils, emergency kits, to name a few.
Often, automotive stores feature shelves with drawers. These are labeled for the convenience of the customers and the staff. These drawers may hold smaller tools, materials, and other items that should be bundled together.
In automotive factories, metal shelving is used to hold large parts such as car doors, hoods, and bumpers. For the most part, these parts are transported through the factory by forklifts. Pallet racking may be used after a new shipment of supplies or lighter equipment arrives on pallets.
Similar to the automotive industry, hardware stores feature their metal shelving right in the store. As they carry nearly every supply, from plumbing to electrical to everyday DIY projects, hardware stores maximize the metal shelves available.
Consolidating equipment into one place allows for greater revenue, satisfied customers, and simplified inventory.
Libraries and some bookstores use metal shelving to display their items. Often these shelves have plastic racks attached to the side to show off books of a certain genre or bestsellers. These racks are stylish, so they match the décor. These shelves have open tops for easy access, wide bases to prevent tipping, and some rotate to offer more books.
In both cases, these shelves are used to create aisles for customer use rather than to just store items that will need to be moved.

Final Thoughts
Metal shelving is featured in many different industries. Many warehouses utilize vertical shelving to maximize space, while the automotive, retail and educational departments focus on a short, horizontal layout.

Due to its ability to withstand the weight of heavy equipment — or many books — this shelving is ideal for large quantities of stock.

The best metal shelving for your company depends on your needs. If you are focused on items that are in a separate storage room or warehouse, vertical metal shelving is ideal. If you are focusing on providing your items directly to customers, horizontal shelving will serve you best.

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