Tips for Getting the Most Out of Storage Facilities in Boise, ID

If you have given some thought to renting storage facilities, but have hesitated to act because you’re not sure how to make sure that your possessions are secure and protected from damage, read on. You’ll find some outstanding tips for preparing your belongings and for making things easier when it’s time to pick up a box or a single item.

Organization is the Key

The companies with extensive experience in this field, such as Republic Storage, can answer your questions and address any concerns you have about the storage option. For example, when you’re going to store household items, even temporarily, make sure all glass and dishes are wrapped individually. If you plan to put clothing or curtains away until you’re in a new home or business location, use specially designed wardrobe boxes for the best results.

When you rent storage facilities in Boise, ID, make sure that you clearly label each box on all sides. You might even consider creating a list that will help you keep track of each container. If a box contains fragile items, take extra time to wrap and protect them, and make sure that those boxes are handled carefully. Put them at the top if you stack boxes in your storage unit.

Clean, Safe

If you rent clean, safe, well-maintained storage facilities, you have taken a major step toward protecting your possessions. Devote a few minutes to wrapping upholstered furniture and mattresses in plastic to prevent soiling and other damage. You can save some space by putting small items in the drawers of dressers placed in storage, and make sure that you place the larger, heavier items at the front of the unit.

It’s always a good idea to wrap furniture and appliances with padding, blankets, and bubble wrap. These and other recommendations from storage veterans can also be important if you’re temporarily storing inventory from your business or moving stock from one location to another. Like us on Facebook.

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