Indicators Workers Compensation Attorney Should Be Involved

The vast majority of employers across the state of Minnesota and within Minneapolis are very fair and care about their employees. The offer Workers’ Compensation and are fair, prompt and reasonable in handling, processing and paying claims.

However, there are some situations where an employee needs to have a best Workers’ Compensation attorney on their side. As a general rule, if the injury is significant and not a short-term 100% recovery type of injury, if the employer is claiming the injury is not work-related, or if there is a possibility of a long-term disability issue, an attorney can be instrumental in getting a fair settlement.

Significant Injuries

The more complicated the injury, and the greater the risk of long-term disability, the more a Workers’ Compensation attorney is important. It is not uncommon for the initial settlement offer to not reflect the costs that the employee can have during his or her recovery.

In some cases, these types of significant injuries are denied for permanent disability benefits. This is based on a rating system, and the insurance carrier can request the employee see a doctor of their choice, an IME or independent medical examination, which typically proves a lower rating than the original doctor selected by the employee.

Your Workers’ Compensation attorney can work with your doctor to provide the necessary documentation to support the original high rating to qualify for permanent disability. As this is a complex process, knowing what medical information is required during the appeal process is critical.

Preexisting Conditions

It is possible to be re-injured on a job if you have a preexisting condition. However, this can be very difficult to prove. The Workers’ Compensation lawyer ensures that you have the medical documentation and the specialist reports to clearly show the preexisting issue was aggravated or made worse by work-related injuries.

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