3 Tips For Working With A Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit

Creating an edible work of art is always a great addition to any party or event. For any type of gathering where fashion or those who are fashionable are involved, a great centerpiece or accent item to table decorations is a fondant, gum paste or chocolate high heel stiletto shoe.

With a specially developed stiletto high heel shoe kit from N.Y. Cake, anyone can make a beautiful, realistic yet completely edible high heel shoe. Bakers can choose the design elements, the colors, and even the style to perfectly match the special event, the party theme or even the favorite colors of the individual.

Choose a Quality Kit

There are a lot of different options in a stiletto high heel shoe kit on the market. While they are a reasonably low-cost item and can be used time and time again, the cheaper quality kits are more likely to produce low-quality heels and soles, which results in the high heel shoe toppling over or failing to give that final professional look.

Follow the Pattern

The best and most versatile stiletto high heel shoe kit on the market provides the patterns you need to easily cut the gum paste, fondant or the chocolate modeling paste.

By having the patterns provided that are the right size for the drying platform and that also match up with the heel, you can focus on the design elements, and the basics of the shoe will come together.

Know Your Ingredients

In addition to the pattern, be sure to read the instructions for both the shoe kit as well as the specific type of material you are working with. For example, some of the softer types of options, including gum paste and chocolate modeling paste, may require the addition of tylose or CMC to add additional strength for the stiletto heel, ensuring your high heel stays straight and does not bend, break or sag as you are completing the decorating and as the foot of the shoe is attached.

For a top quality, fully tested stiletto high heel shoe kit by award-winning cake decorator Lisa Mansour, see N.Y. Cake. Orders can be placed through our website at www.nycake.com.

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