Family Dentistry: Prevention the key to success

If I we were asked to define a ‘dentist’, we would probably describe a professional who takes care of our teeth. Someone able to fill a cavity, perform root canal therapy or whiten our teeth – a general dentist. This description would not make justice to the true meaning of the title. Just like fellow healthcare providers, the doctors, dentists also specialize in various fields, periodontists or oral and maxillofacial surgery, being just a few of them. But I would like to mention a definition that is not often heard when speaking about a dentist – a preventative oral health specialist.

Yes, when visiting a dentist we often don’t have a cavity or any other issues with our teeth. We simply go to have our teeth cleaned and assessed by a dentist. -something that they want us to do on regular basis. Many of us question that requirement – why should we spend our money on x-rays when we feel no pain?! And why the dentist performs an exam when we haven’t raised any concerns?

I have also asked those question in the past! Majority of dental practices, including those in Hamilton, specialize in family dentistry. Their main goal is to provide dental services for the entire family. Their primary mission is not to treat, but to educate all their patients, starting with the youngest ones, on the importance of oral hygiene. Contrary to what many may think, dentist, don’t want to see you in the chair for many hours when undergoing complicated dental treatment such as root canal therapy; they want you to take good care of your teeth each day and visit them on regular basis in order to recognize any issues before they become serious. How they do it:

  1. educate us on the link between dental and general health
  2. advise us on how to properly care for our teeth
  3. use available resources, such as x-rays to early detect any issues

In a way, family dentistry is the first line of defense against oral health problems. And with the help from family dentistry offices in Hamilton and all over Ontario and other provinces, we can be assured that preventative dedentistry will allow us and our families enjoy beautiful and pain-free smiles.

At Gateshead Dental in Hamilton, Ontario, the staff of general dentists is always ready to do more than treat your dental issues. They are there to prevent the occurrence of dental problems. They work with you and your family to establish a system of oral hygiene that prevents major oral problems. So if you are looking for a well established and reliable dentist, who provides family dentistry services, be sure to give them a call.

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