Zinc Nickel Electroplating Offers Many Benefits

If you produce metal parts and want efficiency, you need cost-effective materials. Yet, when you cut costs, quality may suffer, and you may end up with more customer complaints. This can tarnish your business reputation and lower your profits. Zinc nickel electroplating offers a lot of benefits and here are some reasons to check out this versatile method for protecting metal.

Why Plate with Zinc and Nickel?

Zinc is an anti-corrosive metal and so is nickel. When you combine these two metals, you create a material with superior anti-corrosive properties. It is more cost effective than using pure nickel and more durable too.


Zinc nickel electroplating provides an extremely durable coating. In fact, it can withstand high temperatures without affecting its ability to resist rust or corrosion. This coating can resist shock too. For example, if you need parts for vibrating machinery or aerospace applications zinc nickel is a good choice.

Bright and Smooth Finishes

Do you need shiny parts with no imperfections? If so, then zinc nickel electroplating is a good choice. A competent shop can plate your parts with no whiskers or blisters. This is good for appearance and for parts which require precise measurements.

Automotive Applications

Are your parts exposed to high temperatures? Many parts made for the automotive industry must endure temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially true with engine parts.


Zinc and nickel alloy has excellent conductive properties. This is the reason it sees a lot of use for coaxial cables and parts exposed to water and saltwater environments. Not only is it a good conductor, but it also resists corrosion.


Not long ago, many companies used cadmium when they needed exceptional corrosion protection. However, cadmium is toxic to the environment, and most businesses are phasing it out. Zinc nickel coatings offer an eco-friendly solution to this problem.

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