Why You Should Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Miami County, OH

One of the most difficult things –and perhaps the ugliest– a couple may have to face is that of a divorce. If the parting of ways is going to be bitter, a lot of emotions will arise, tempers will flare, and it will take a professional such as a lawyer or a mediator to intervene. A divorce lawyer in Miami County, OH helps couples going through this tumultuous time and wants them to know what to expect with divorces in Ohio. Here is a look at what divorce laws in Ohio are.

Divorce Law in Ohio

One key thing to remember is that, when it comes to divorces, Ohio is a mixed state, meaning that it can be fault-based or no-fault based as far as grounds goes. Some people may think it a better idea to go with the divorce on the grounds of at-fault, to optimize their chances for success in matters like property division and child custody. Still, child custody will always be based on what the court deems as in the best of interest of the child or children involved.

More on Divorce Law in Ohio

When it comes to dividing the property, the judge will listen to any arguments that either party has as to why they think the other partner should not get an equal share. The outcome of this matter may not be entirely and fairly split, but it will be equitable, according to the judge’s decision. The income of each parent will be a factor in determining matters relating to child custody and spousal maintenance. To ensure the best possible outcome, each parent should hire the best lawyer possible.

A Law Firm for Divorces in Ohio

Many lawyers and law firms are available to represent clients with divorce law issues and proceedings throughout Ohio. Lopez Severt & Pratt Co LPA is a law firm in Miami County, Ohio that represents clients who are looking to get a divorce. If a person needs a divorce lawyer in Miami County, OH, this law firm can offer assistance. Visit our website to find out more about us.

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