Why Deck Railing Plans Are a Necessity

When you add a deck to your house, you increase your living space and add a great deal of convenience and fun to your life. You also raise the value of your property, and there are so many benefits to consider. However, it is a good idea to use a professional deck contractor and plan your deck carefully, and it is very important to plan the railings for your new addition. Here are some important things to know about deck railings.

Railings and Codes

You must understand the building codes in your area, and they can have a lot of rules and regulations. This is why professional assistance is important because contractors like Denver Deck Builders keep up with all the latest rules, including the IRC (International Residential Code) for decks. For example, you must install guard rails if your deck is at least thirty inches above the ground.


You must get a permit before building your addition or making substantial deck repairs. This ensures you follow all the safety rules. For example, local codes may require rail posts spaced at specific intervals. The codes are there to limit injuries and other problems.

Planning Benefits

When you properly plan your railing design and installation, you enjoy many benefits. For example, a properly planned railing system does not block your view. This is an important aesthetic benefit to consider. With the right planning, your deck is safe and sturdy, and you have few problems in the future.

When you sit down with highly skilled composite deck builders, you can discuss the kinds of railings you want. They advise you on which materials to use, like aluminum, vinyl, or tough composite materials. This not only saves you a lot of money on your deck, but you receive a guarantee for the work. Your deck professionals take care of everything.

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