What Happens In A Visit To The Dentist In Lafayette LA

If you haven’t been to the dentist in quite a while, you have had a lot of time to work up anxiety about what might happen when you get there. After all, you have no idea what is going on with your teeth or how much attention they might need. This is particularly true if you are one of the many people who haven’t been to a dental appointment in decades. Knowing a little of what to expect when you visit the Dentist Lafayette LA can go a long way toward making it a less intimidating experience.

When a dentist is seeing a new patient, the first appointment revolves around cleaning their teeth and assessing what kind of state they’re in. The cleaning is much more thorough than a normal person can be while brushing. This is largely because the person doing it has both better tools and a better vantage point from which to work. There’ll be a lot of cleaning that feels similar to using an electric toothbrush with toothpaste. You also have a good chance of needing to have your teeth cleaned of plaque. This is a hardened substance that forms on your teeth and can only efficiently be removed by scraping at them.

Once everything is cleaned up, the Dentist Lafayette LA can take a good look at the health of your mouth. He’ll do things like check for any indentations in the surfaces that might indicate that some of the enamel is decaying away. If you have pain in a specific area already, he’ll need to look at this particularly carefully. When there are signs of trouble, you should expect to get an x-ray. These provide a much better look at the structure of your teeth, and make it possible to identify damage that could otherwise be missed.

Only by actually going to an appointment can you find out what kind of treatments you are going to need, if any. You might just get a clean bill of health and instructions to come back in a year. If you need any more significant work, though, they will often have you set up a separate appointment for that and give you an opportunity to decide what course you want to follow from there.

Dr. Young Cosmetic dentist in Lafayette, LA provide patients with the best possible care and the latest techniques available. They offer a high standard of dental care in a pleasant, relaxed, and understanding atmosphere.

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