Using a Frac Pump in Your Well Increases Production

When you take the time to frac your wells you can find that the production can increase by anywhere from 5 to 15%. They can also extend production as a well can be fraced multiple times to keep it flowing. This means that your production in the field is more efficient and will earn you more money over a longer period of time.

How Does Stimulating a Well Increase Production?

Simply put the process of having a well fraced or fractured you are forcing cracks into the surrounding rocks. This allows more oil or gas to come thru which can then be collected. A well that isn’t fraced will run dry quicker where a fractured well will be fed from the fractures that surround the reservoir. Once those fractures have been drained the well can then be fraced again to provide more of the resource to be collected. This extends the life of your well and offers you the ability to draw more from it which means increased profits.

The Problems with Inferior Frac Pumps

When using equipment like frac pump plungers the most important thing is that they are manufactured with precision. They must also have strength as they are placed under incredible stress as the pressure builds in the well. If a frac pump isn’t well balanced it can cause it to scrape against the walls of the well. This will cause damage to not only the equipment you are using but also the walls of the well itself.

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