Umbrellas Market Your Business in Unique Fashion

Never make the mistake of assuming that you don’t need to market your business offline in today’s technically-driven world. You still do. One unique way to spread the word about your company is through personalized umbrellas. A folding umbrella is something everyone can use, and here are three reasons why you should utilize this unique marketing approach.

1. Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising goes beyond social media. You want your customers to tell others about your business, and one way they can do so is through personalized gear. When the rainy season hits your town, those carrying your customized umbrellas will advertise your company to the masses also scurrying about the street in an effort to stay dry while they stay dry.

2. Expanded Visibility

A folding umbrella literally and figuratively gives your business expanded visibility. Have your business name and/or logo printed on the umbrella canopy. Each time it is expanded to protect from inclement weather, passersby see it. If you have a catchy business name that also tells people what you do, even better. If not, the name alone may draw enough curiosity for an online search about you.

3. A Gift People Will Use

Finally, T-shirts and baseball caps are overdone. Plus, people will take the clothing item home and toss it in drawer where it will never see the daylight again, or give it to someone else who might not wear it either. When you give umbrellas as a gift to your customers, this is really something they can and will use. You can never have too many umbrellas.

A folding umbrella makes for a clever and effective advertising tool. You can order the umbrellas in bulk at discounted rates at and give your customers something they’ll really enjoy. Each time they go out in the winter and during spring showers, everyone will see your business name and logo. This is word of mouth advertising worth its weight in gold.

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