Trophies to Reward Excellence.

A trophy can be many different things but the root meaning implies a souvenir taken with effort at a particular time and place. In history, victorious armies retuned from battle with the armaments of their defeated enemies. Today, the trophy could be the mounted head of a successfully hunted animal.

From this somewhat gory precedence, trophies in Silver Spring have become associated with the more peaceful achievements of everyday people. Nevertheless, the element of special achievement associated with exceptional success in a particular field is implicit in the award. A trophy should be won and the recipients are expected to have put in noticeable effort in achieving the result expected by their peers before qualifying for trophies in Silver Spring MD.

Excellence is open to all.

Olympic medals and cups presented to the winners of major sporting events are the premier awards but winning a trophy is, effectively, open to all of us. Even as small children, our teachers or instructors may arrange a competitive activity (a spelling bee for example) and present trophies to the winners.

As we grow older, the opportunities to win trophies do not diminish. Our employees use awards to motivate and retain staff, some linked to exceptional effort, others linked to simply remaining in the company’s employ for a certain length of time. Outside the workplace, most of us take part in social activities and amateur sports. The list of trophies that we could win from recreational activities is tremendous. Awards can range from a commemorative T-shirt for attending an event, all the way through to a prize for winning the local golf (or any other sport) tournament.

Effort is important.

The common thread being that, in order to win any award, we have to make ourselves do something and achieve some level of excellence along the way. There can be little doubt that the prestige associated with winning any award is something that we all desire on one level or another. In the past, we would have gone to battle or pitted our skills against dangerous wild animals in order to win not only the trophy but also the praise of our community.

Fortunately, today, we can win praise and prestige through much less life threatening activities that still qualify for trophies in Silver Spring

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