Top 2 Problems Found During Pool Inspections

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to sell your home, you’ve probably created a very long checklist of things that have to be done before you put your home on the market. One of the things that should be at the top of your list is having a pool inspection. A well-kept pool can add value to your home for the right buyer.

Manning Pool Service offers expert pool advice and professional pool inspections in Houston and the surrounding areas. During a pool inspection, our team checks all aspects of your pool, including a water test and surface inspection. The two problems we find most often during pool inspections are:


Even if you have routine pool cleaning and maintenance, it can be very easy to miss a leak. Sometimes leaks aren’t very apparent, depending on what type of pool you may have. A leak can be so subtle that the only thing you notice is a bubble rising to the surface of the water occasionally. It’s easy to believe that a single bubble couldn’t mean a leak, but if you have a plaster or concrete pool, a single bubble could be the beginning of a big leak. One of our professionals will be able to inspect the surface of your pool, the plumbing, and your equipment for any hidden leaks.

Expired Main Drain Covers

Many people don’t know that the main drain cover has an expiration date. The white plastic parts of your pool need to be replaced regularly because water aggressively erodes this type of plastic. However, unlike some plastic parts, the main drain cover absolutely must be replaced because it is a safety standard. Pool repairs can often involve replacing white plastic parts, but an expired main drain cover could reduce the value of your pool dramatically.

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