The Role of a Bail Agent in Glens Falls, NY in the Arrest and Charging Process

A bail agent in Glens Falls, NY assists people who have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, and cannot afford to pay full bail. Bail is set by a judge or is connected with a standard bail schedule for certain offenses.

Arrest Procedures

A person can be arrested before or after being charged with a crime. Typically, the prosecution has up to 72 hours to charge a suspect with a crime. The exact amount of time varies by state. The person can be held in police custody until then. If the district attorney’s office does not have enough evidence to file charges by then, the person must be released. Otherwise, U.S. Constitutional rights are violated.

Sometimes the person has not yet been arrested when charges are filed. A judge issues a warrant so the police can retrieve that man or woman and bring them to jail. Once bail has been set, a family member or close friend can contact abail agent in Glens Falls, NY for assistance, if needed.

Legal Representation and Release from Jail

A person being questioned by police may decide not to call a lawyer or ask for a public defender. This may seem like the best strategy if they are innocent and want to cooperate. After charges are filed, however, professional legal representation is crucial. Being released from jail quickly can also be essential for keeping one’s job and home. Help is available from organizations like 24 Hour ASAP Bail Bonds.

Court Dates

After being released from jail, the defendant must appear at all court hearings and other required court appointments. Otherwise, a judge will issue once again a warrant for the person’s arrest. There probably will not be any bail or bond posting allowed this time since the individual is considered a flight risk. This is why it’s imperative not to miss any court dates for any reason. A judge will not accept the excuse of a car breaking down, for example. Someone who is charged with a crime is in trouble and should behave completely responsibly. Information on one particular bonding service can be found at

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