Give Your AC Unit the Proper Attention to Keep It Running Full Blast

When you live in California, having air conditioning is a given. Just a window unit isn’t enough. Central air is the way to go. It keeps the temperature in your home exactly where you want it. You set the thermostat and your air conditioning unit will rise to the challenge. However, you need to give it attention to ensure you don’t run into any problems. An AC tune-up in Simi Valley is a great way to make sure everything is working the way it should when you need it most. As the hottest time of the year arrives, you want to make sure your air conditioning unit is going to work at full capacity.

What Happens During an AC Unit Tune-Up?

When you schedule an AC tune-up in Simi Valley, your HVAC experts will arrive to assess your unit. They’ll examine all system controls, including your thermostat. Your electrical components will be evaluated as well. Lubrication is key for any moving parts. All coils will be cleaned. The condensate drain will be checked as well for any blockages. Your refrigerant levels will also be inspected. If anything needs to be replaced, your HVAC team will take care of it.

Have Confidence in Your AC Unit With the Right HVAC Professionals

When you call in the experts for an AC tune-up in Simi Valley, you want a go-to company you can call every time. You should have complete confidence and trust in the HVAC experts that are working in your home. They should have the experience, skills, and knowledge you can count on. Service Genius is here for you any time you need work done on your air conditioning unit or if you have heating concerns. Go to to explore what we have to offer. Find out why we are the company of choice for so many satisfied customers.

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