The Ongoing Popularity Of Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is currently a very popular dental procedure. In Hamilton, it ranks frequently requested from dentists. Demand in it has been on the rise ever since its availability promised the public a whiter, brighter smile. In the search for ideal pearly whites, people have sought out both over-the-counter (OTC) and professional means of obtaining it.

Common OTCs include a variety of products. Among the more common and readily available ones are toothpaste, gels, and films. It is also possible to purchase whitening strips as well as various types of whitening kits. These provide some degree of whitening. However, undeniably, if the stains or tooth discoloration are more severe, the only solution is a visit to the dentist.

Professional Whitening Procedures

Dental in-office systems are one means of obtaining whiter teeth. In Hamilton, this method remains popular for those who desire to have that perfect smile. Dentists are the only professionals allowed to use highly concentrated whitening agents. Whether intrinsic (internal, e.g. genetics, age) or extrinsic (usually environmental) staining is involved, dental solutions can address them more thoroughly than OTC options.

While teeth whitening is actuallyany type of process that a dentist or individual employs to lighten the appearance of the teeth, only dentists can work with products that go beyond OTC cleansers such as toothpaste. Only they can address and treat more severe and complex teeth stains. The length of time a dentist requires to treat is dependent both upon the product he or she uses and the severity of the stain or discoloration.

Teeth Whitening: Leave It to the Professionals

In the search for the perfect smile, people increasingly opt for whitening their teeth. In Hamilton, the process is becoming more and more popular. If you are determined to opt for this route, be sure to contact the professionals at Gateshead Dental about the best method for teeth whitening and how it applies to your situation.

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