The Importance of Gravity Roller Conveyors

Does your business depend on moving things with conveyors? This kind of equipment is very handy, and you may benefit from gravity power conveyors using industrial rollers. You can choose between skate wheel type, and roller type conveyors and rollers offer a wide range of benefits. Here are some examples.


A gravity conveyor does not use any kind of power systems like motors and drives. It relies on gravity to make them work, so they work best in a downhill position. You save a lot of money on maintenance because there are few moving parts.

Skate Wheel

Skate wheel conveyors are durable and can move materials. They have wheels which resemble roller skate wheels, mounted on shafts. As materials move the wheels turn. Skate wheel conveyors are good for handling light loads, but they may not be sturdy enough for heavy items.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

A roller conveyor uses items which resemble roller pins. They spin on internal shafts and heavy-duty industrial rollers. Roller conveyors are extremely durable and capable of moving very large and heavy materials.


A gravity type roller conveyor offers a simple and effective way to move materials downhill. For example, if you need to get heavy things from an upper level to a lower level, this kind of conveyor system has much to offer.

Gravity conveyors can sometimes be installed on level or uphill surfaces. For example, if someone needs to move heavy materials or personal items a long way, you can set them on the industrial rollers and push. This is much easier than carrying heavy things.

If you are thinking about building or maintaining a roller conveyor system, consider a trusted company like Conveyor Systems & Engineering. They offer a wide range of roller products and can help you make the right decisions.

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