The Benefits Of Ordering Lead Wire Spool

Lead wire is used across a range of different applications and for industries from electronic component manufacturers through to lead wire used as solder in the plumbing and construction industry. It can also be used in marine applications as well as for radiation shielding.

Buying lead wire can be costly, and it can add up for companies, businesses, and industries with a high volume demand or a regular need for the product. A low-cost option is to buy in lead wire spool, which is sold by weight.

Typical Orders and Spool Sizes

The typical weight range of lead wire spool products is between 50 and 250 pounds per spool. The larger diameter type of lead wire is heavier, so there is less length on the spool, so this needs to be considered if a specific number of feet is required for the order.

The manufacturer of the lead wire spool can provide specific footage on the different amounts of lead wire on each spool given the diameter. Most customers, particularly those using lead wire to solder or those requiring bullet wire, choose the heavier spools to ensure they have the quantity they need on hand.

Buying Strategically

With high resistance to any type of corrosion, including humidity, it can be a very wise decision to buy lead wire in bulk when the price of lead is low. Utilizing the market prices to make a purchase is a strategic cost-saving for any company to consider.

Working with a US-based manufacturer of lead wire and buying directly from the manufacturer helps to reduce extra costs by effectively cutting out any middleman for the transaction. Look for manufacturers with distribution centers that are located across the country to help reduce the cost of shipping the product and to also speed up turnaround times on orders.

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