The Greatest Contributions of Drug Treatment Clinics to Humanity

Drug Addiction in America has become an epidemic, especially when it comes to Opiates. Opiate Addiction takes a normal person and turns them into someone who becomes selfish and seems to only care about getting and taking more and more Opiates. Opiate Addictions can affect individuals in the prime of their lives. This causes a great deal of sorrow and sadness for everyone involved. Drug addiction therefore, not only affects the person themselves, but also can cause very negative consequences for individuals in the person’s life. Family, friends, bosses and coworkers can all be adversely affected when someone is addicted to drugs.

Humanity is affected in a very negative way from drug addictions. We are losing young people at an alarming rate to overdoses. In 2015, over 37,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. These are not people who were trying to kill themselves. Rather, they are folks who accidently took too much drugs and died of an overdose.

Many now know or have heard of someone who died of a drug overdose. It is a huge problem in our country today. One thing that we know helps with this problem is treatment. Treatment for drug addictions saves lives!

The greatest contribution of drug treatment clinics to humanity is keeping individuals alive. While in treatment at a clinic, the person receives medical care by a physician. The person is not judged for having the addiction, as that is not at all helpful. The drug addict is converted into a patient who receives medical treatment, until the addiction is controlled. This saves lives.

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