The Benefits of An Illumina MiSeq2 Sequencer for Small Labs

Smaller labs, including those in research institutions or companies, hospitals, testing centers and in private facilities, often have an added consideration when using equipment. This added consideration is a size factor, with the existing space simply not designed to accommodate large equipment and analytical systems.

For DNA sequencing in small spaces, a top choice is the Illumina MiSeq2 sequencer. This highly compact and powerful sequencer is able to complete metagenomics, small gene sequencing as well as resequencing of targeted genes and gene expression profiling.

Despite its small size, the Illumina MiSeq2 sequencer is capable of completing fully automatic pair-end reads. It is also able to complete these reads up to 15 GB per run. Each of the library prep kits that are used with the system are designed to be used in a range of different applications, which makes it easy to quickly work through large sequencing requirements in a short period of time.

Time and Workflow Considerations

With the use of the Illumina MiSeq2 sequencer, workflow management in the lab is simple and efficient. The equipment is controlled through a touch screen, and it is very user-friendly and intuitive. It is also a standalone system, which means no need to add more devices and equipment to the lab or to tie up the existing computer resources. Additionally, the analysis is completed as selected and runs without the need for any intervention. At the end of the run, a report is generated and ready to upload.

With extremely light levels of consistency, fast DNA sequencing, extensive library prep kit options and limited prep time in a fully automated system, upgrading to the MiSeq2 sequencer is an ideal option for any small lab. It is also a top consideration to add to a large lab, able to handle addiction sequencing requirements and expand the labs current capacity without the need for extensive lab reconfiguration.

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