Why Roofing Companies Choose Asphalt Shingles

In Plano TX, the choice of material for roofing varies. Some residents prefer metal shingles; others like wooden ones. Many homeowners opt for tile or shake. However, one of the more materials in demand is asphalt.

Why Roofers Like Asphalt

Roofers have several reasons why they like to use asphalt. For commercial and residential structures, they find it has several benefits over other types. These include:

Variety: While many residents prefer a traditional style, asphalt is also available in different designs. They can be found in architectural cuts. Diverse colors are also a characteristic that attracts roofers and residents alike. In fact, today’s asphalt shingles are capable of mimicking many diverse styles of roofing materials.

* Styles: As noted above, asphalt shingles are no longer solely traditional. They come in slate and even cedar shake styles

* Affordability: Asphalt shingles are more affordable than other options

* Durable: This type of shingle lasts anywhere from 20 to 50 years

* Low maintenance: Asphalt roofs do not require a high level of maintenance

* Readily available: In Plano TX as in Boston MA, it is easy for roofers to find a supply of asphalt tiles

* Ease of installation: Companies find it easy to cover the roof with this material for a roofing company to install

* Repairable: Roofers find it easy to repair asphalt roofs

* Recyclable: It is possible to recycle asphalt tiles making them environmentally responsible materials

Such characteristics make it feasible for residents and commercial businesses alike to choose asphalt tiles over other types of materials.

Contact a Local, Professional Roofing Company

If you live in Plano TX, the roof of your home or business may suffer damage. When this occurs, consider asphalt tiles. The same applies if you are replacing an existing roof. Asphalt features have many advantages over other types of roofing material. To understand its benefits fully, including affordability and longevity, contact professional roofers.

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