Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Used Medical Equipment

Making a choice to buy used medical equipment is a good investment in a lab or testing facility while also offering the option to upgrade without having to make a major investment of working capital.

However, there are some mistakes that can be easy to make when planning to buy used medical equipment for the first time. To avoid these mistakes and to work with a top used equipment supplier, be sure to watch out for the pitfalls and problems listed below.

Buying From a Broker

Medical equipment brokers are really a consignment type of arrangement. These websites often list a wide range of equipment that is supplied by various labs, other brokers or other types of sellers.

Typically the broker is the middleman, not directly seeing the equipment or verifying information. Rather, the broker arranges the sale by connecting the buyer with the seller. There is no guarantee from the broker about the quality or working condition of the equipment.

Buying From an Online Auction Site

It may seem surprising, but if you search online, you will find you can buy used medical equipment on a surprising number of auction sites from those specializing in medical equipment to general listing sites such as eBay.

As with a broker, there is no guarantee from the site as to the condition of the equipment. Instead, the buyer will have to work directly with the seller, which may be very difficult after the sale is completed and the seller simply disappears from online activity.

The last pitfall is an easy one to overlook. Websites can be deceiving and make even a brand new business look like a well-established company. Take the time to verify the equipment seller has been in business for at least a few years in the industry and a solid track record for quality equipment.


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