The Advantages of Commercial Aluminum Railing Systems in NJ

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Home Improvement

Commercial aluminum Railing Systems in NJ have become the standard for their numerous advantages. The strength, durability and corrosion-resistant characteristics are essential to building owners. Those individuals want to keep everyone safe on stairways, ramps, balconies and other exterior areas. They also want a railing material that isn’t vulnerable to rusting in the sea spray and salty mist that is prevalent along the coasts.

New or Matching Designs

Companies that install these Aluminum Railing Systems in NJ can work with a brand new design for the entire building or match existing railings. The ability to precisely match the current features is important when owners want to have an addition constructed or another building constructed on the property.

Safety and Aesthetics

Guard rails are meant to ensure safety, but owners and managers of commercial properties also want those features to look aesthetically pleasing. Railings installed by an organization such as Carl’s Fencing, Decking & Home Improvements meet all national, state and municipal code requirements while bringing the kind of design their customers want.

Commercial aluminum railings can be ordered in hundreds of colors, finishes, sizes and shapes. One client might request an elegant and sophisticated design. Another wants an understated appearance that does not attract any attention.

The Advantage of Light Weight

Aluminum has a significant advantage over stainless and galvanized steel in that it’s a very lightweight metal. That makes the labor cost for installation much less expensive. In a single-family residential setting, that labor cost difference would be negligible. But consider the amount of handling that goes on when a multi-story, multi-building apartment complex needs railings installed for balconies on all upper floors and exterior staircases. Tall office buildings and lodging establishments with balconies have similar issues.

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