Solutions for a Business Telephone System in Tacoma Wa

Modern businesses require up to date technology and custom solutions when it comes to having a Telephone System in Tacoma Wa installed. A traditional private branch exchange (PBX) system is all that some businesses need. A small medical or law office, the local branch of a government agency, a department store, or a bank are examples of businesses that operate well with this type of system.

Basically, the system offers special voice features that allow customers to reach the department or person desired and leave a message if no one answers. Business hours, extensions, and services can be added to the system to answer some questions without customers needing to speak to a live person.

Hosted or Managed Systems

This solution is ideal for marketing and purposes and for receiving orders for products or services. An advertisement provides a telephone number for those who wish to start a service, buy a product not available in stores, or learn about an online course. People who call the number will speak to a representative who will explain more about the service, answer questions about the product, or take an order and start to process it. The most common example for this system is a call center.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

A VoIP Telephone System in Tacoma Wa is convenient and flexible. This allows customers to use their telephones to make contact with a business that receives the call over an internet connection. The person operating the computer can answer calls from a land line phone, a mobile phone, or someone using their computer without changing screens, headsets, of picking up a receiver. The press of a button is all that requires the professional answering calls to communicate with any customer.

Digital Hybrid Systems

This option saves businesses up to forty percent over the cost of installing a whole new system because it can be hooked-up using existing cabling. This type of system is perfect for businesses on a tight budget, new businesses starting in a rented space, or a business that exists entirely online except for a virtual office. Business owners who are not sure which phone system will best suit the size and nature of the business can request telecommunications consulting to maximize the investment.

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