Single-Speed, Two-Stage, and Variable-Speed Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha, NE

Central Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha NE are available in single-speed, two-stage, and variable-speed models. Before having a central air unit installed, it’s important to become educated about these options and learn their advantages.

These different stages relate to the way the fan motor works in the air handler, which is part of the equipment located inside the house. If the home has a furnace, the fan works with both heating and cooling.

Simple But Less Efficient

Single-stage central Air Conditioning Systems in Omaha, NE, are the traditional appliances. The others were not available until the 21st Century. They are the simplest version of the equipment, which means they are the most affordable. However, they are significantly less efficient than the other two options.

Consistent Temperatures

The temperature in the house also will fluctuate more with a single-speed air conditioner. The most precise temperatures are achieved with the variable-speed equipment, but this is the most expensive option to have installed. Many homeowners choose the mid-range option, the two-stage. That way they have lower electric bills and more consistent temperature throughout the day while not facing the upfront cost of the variable-speed version.

How They Work

A single-speed motor blows heated or cooled air through the supply ducts at the same pace during the entire cycle, then shuts off until the thermostat signals it to run again. The other models typically start with a lower speed and then increase the rate, which uses less electricity. This is also a more comfortable process than the single-speed, which starts with a blast of air through the registers.

The air continues to be circulated throughout the home. Although the cycle is longer, it’s still more efficient. Variable-speed and dual-speed models are quieter when either the furnace or air conditioner is running.


If a homeowner is happy with the single-speed model and doesn’t want to spend extra on a different product, heating and cooling technicians are ready to install this equipment. The key to keeping all of these models working properly is annual maintenance by an installation and service contractor such as Accurate Heating & Cooling. Visit the website to get started.

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