When To Hire Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Minnesota is an “at-will” state when it comes to employment. All other states also use an at-will employment policy, but some offer exemptions for issues such as a public exemption, implied contracts and a covenant of good faith. Minnesota is not one of the states that recognize these exceptions.

Basically, at-will means that the employee works for the business at the employer’s will. An employer can terminate the employee at any time without having to prove or to provide evidence or “just cause” for the termination or dismissal.

There Are Issues to Consider

However, with this being said, it is still against the law for an employer to terminate an employee for reasons that are considered illegal. In other words, the employer cannot fire an employee due to his or her race, gender or religion or any other type of discrimination.

Employees can also not be fired due to their unwillingness to act an illegal or unsafe way, if they have filed a grievance, EEO or harassment case against the employer, or if they had reported violations of a health and safety code or policy.

If you have been fired for any of these reasons, talking to wrongful termination lawyers should be your first step. These lawyers are familiar with the law and what employers can and cannot do with regards to dismissing employees.

Legal Representation

These are often very complicated and challenging cases. Look for wrongful termination lawyers with extensive experience in working with clients in these types of cases. Finding information, getting witness statements and developing your case is easier if you talk to wrongful termination lawyers immediately after the termination.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to find the required information. Before doing anything, including going public or posting information on social media, talk to a wrongful termination attorney to avoid mistakes and possible complications.

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