What Separates a Good Artificial Lawn from a Bad One?

A brand new artificial lawn is considered a huge investment. You’re essentially replacing your entire lawn with an artificial synth fiber weave that’s meant to simulate grass, which is of course, a lot of money. So you want to make sure that the lawn you choose is one of high quality, but how do you determine this? What separates the artificial lawns that are worth your money and investment from the ones that are not? If you are wondering this about your potential artificial lawn in Miami FL, here are the sticking points that separate the good from the bad you should always look out for.


Cheaper product means cheaper materials used to make the product, that’s how business works. Which is why a cheap artificial lawn can be a problem for you since the fibre weave used to make it will be inferior to the more expensive brands in multiple ways. For one, the texture, rather than being a smooth, grass-like feeling, will be harsh and rough, and the blades will be prone to discoloration over time. It can be tempting to try and save some money by going for the cheaper brand, but this is an investment that you want to pour a lot of money into.

Color Quality

Expanding on what was gone over in #1, one of the biggest long term signs of quality difference between quality and cheap artificial lawns is how long the grass retains its vibrant green color over time. The worst part is that different parts of a particularly cheap lawn will discolor at different rates, so you’re left with the patchy, brown and green, disgusting mess of a lawn. Whereas a high quality artificial lawn will retain its natural green color for years to come.

Temperature Regulation

The cheaper artificial lawns share a common issue: they are not very good at regulating heat. A cheap artificial lawn will absorb the heat rather than regulate it, leading to the lawn heating up tremendously over time, especially in the hot Florida summer. Not only will this make walking barefoot on your new lawn unbearable, it also means that the air above and around the lawn will heat up, causing your yard to become several degrees hotter than the rest of the area.

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