5 Ways to Help Your AC Unit Run Hitch-Free

Don’t make your AC work much harder than it should. Here are top tips to help your unit run without any problems for as long as possible.

Cleaning helps

A little bit of upkeep can help prevent major repairs later. That’s a good reason to keep your air conditioning system clean. Clear the space around the outdoor compressor unit as well.

Check the manual

Always check the manual for maintenance and cleaning instructions. You can easily avoid mistakes when you check it against the information in the system’s manual.

Look for signs

Be on the lookout for signs of trouble. Strange noises, wear and tear, reduced airflow and more are just a few of the indications that mean it’s time to call an HVAC repair service to your Portland home right away.

Use a programmable thermostat

If you have the thought of coming home to a cold room and you have to wait a few minutes for everything to warm up, leaving your AC on low all day isn’t the answer. That’s going to cost you an astronomical amount in utility bills if you keep doing that all season long. Save the extra cash instead. Get a programmable thermostat instead, the Family Handyman suggests. You can set the temperatures for the AC throughout the day and automatically lower the temp about thirty minutes before you get home.

Get repairs done

Your AC is going to need minor fixes from time to time. Engage the services of an HVAC repair company in Portland to see to those fixes as well as to handle maintenance tasks like realigning bent or crushed fins, unclogging the condensate drain tube, changing your air filters, and more. Look for companies with an excellent reputation for repairs like MacDonald-Miller. That’s one way to get the stellar results you want.

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