Are You Looking for Expert Turf Installers in Greenwich, CT?

There’s just something about green grass that makes people want to walk on it with bare feet. Green gardens and green parks allow us to get back to nature and enjoy what it has to offer. It can even make us feel like kids again, playing at home on a summer day.

Do You Need Turf Installed?

Of course, not everyone has green turf around their property. If you need to landscape or add some green areas around your business, turf installers in Greenwich, CT can help.

Turf installers can easily lay out rows of green grass. This is a quick and effective way of covering over soil without having to wait for the grass to grow from seedlings. In this context, turf installation makes it incredibly easy to get the garden you want at an affordable price without having to put in all of the hard work that it takes to grow it from seeds.

Looking After Your New Green Turf

Once expert turf installers have laid down your nice new green grass, it’s really important to look after it. Here are a few tips:

  • Water: It’s important that you water the turf each day after it has been laid down, especially when it’s hot. This allows the roots of the grass to grow into the subsoil underneath.
  • Walking on it: After the turf has been installed, you should refrain from walking on it until it has settled in. The turf at this point will be easily damaged and until the grass has started growing into the subsoil underneath, you should avoid damaging it.

The Green Grass You Always Wanted

Lovely green grass is a fantastic way to spruce up any home or business. Contact us for more details on having new turf installed.

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