Reasons to Hire a Zend Developer

The Zend framework is an open source web application framework which has been implemented in PHP 5. Over the past few years, the Zend framework has become incredibly popular amongst developers. Today, there are hundreds of websites that are built on the Zend framework, and it continues to grow in popularity. For many people, it is very difficult to decide which framework to use on particular projects. In order to help you make a better decision about why the Zend framework is an excellent choice, here is some information about the framework:

Open Source

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider hiring a Zend developer is because the Zend framework is completely open source. You don’t have to pay a penny in order to obtain the license from the framework. This makes it easy for you to work on the framework without having to make any additional payments or worry about making too many modifications. Since the framework is completely open source, you can instruct the developer to make as many changes as you want without having to worry about any restrictions whatsoever.

Object Oriented

One of the biggest reasons why the Zend framework is so popular is because it is completely object oriented. Everything in the Zend framework is an object. While it may have a bit of a disadvantage (making coding a bit more difficult), one of the biggest advantages that the Zend framework offers is that it makes code reusable. Talk to any Zend developer and they will tell you that repeating code is a real pain, which is one of the main reasons why they only stick to Zend.


A very compelling reason to use the Zend framework is that it allows you to focus only on what you need, and forget about any other distractions. By design, the framework is just a collection of different classes.  You can use several Zend MVC components in order to create a full project using the framework. In any other case, you can only load the components that you require. Because Zend is so extensively decoupled, you can take advantage of these components and use them as individual libraries, rather than loading up the whole framework.


Another major reason why the Zend framework is used so popularly is because it was developed in line with an extensive Contributor Guide. Due to the higher standards implemented by the framework, all of the code that you use is high quality and readable. Most importantly, all of the code has been tested thoroughly in order to ensure that developers don’t hit a snag while coding. If any of this information about the Zend framework applies to your project, you should consider hiring a Zend developer to work on your next project.

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