Manual Chain Hoists – Selecting the Right Lifting Option

A reliable and experienced wire rope and sling company can offer you manual hoisting solutions that help you achieve your lifting requirements. There are various types of manual chain hoist options available on the market. Picking the right one for your application is vitally important for safety and achieving efficient lifting operations and successful results. Some of the factors to consider when evaluating manual chain hoists include:

Hoist Weight Capacity
When evaluating a manual chain hoist for your application the total weight the hoist is required to lift on a repeated basis is an important consideration.

Hoists are commonly calibrated in ¼ or ½ ton increments. As such, it is vital to employ a hoist that has more than sufficient capacity to carry the design load while also complying with all required and applicable codes and standards as well as the implementation of recommended or required safety factors in the lifting calculation.

Lifting Distance
The distance of the lift is another important factor to consider when reviewing the capability of one or more manual chain hoists. This is the distance between the load’s pickup location and the installation point of the chain. This distance must be calculated prior to the selection of the hoist. If this calculation is not done properly, the chain hoist selected as a result may be unusable or unsafe, and may necessitate the purchase of a replacement, adding to your costs.

Lug and Hook Suspension
The suspension of a manual chain hoist involves the manner in which it is hung. Commonly, a lug suspension or hook suspension is used. The majority of hoists enable the use of a lug suspension. This is commonly used in scenarios in which the headroom for the operation of the hoist is inadequate or limited.

A knowledgeable wire rope and sling company with considerable experience serving the needs of lifting customers in various industries can help you obtain the rigging products and accessories you need to fulfill your project requirements, including manual chain hoists.

For more information about your lifting equipment options, contact a reliable supplier in the lifting products industry today.

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