Low-Res MFA Takes Writers to Higher Levels of Creativity and Influence

The Low-res MFA gives the 21st-century writer an opportunity to engage with an artistic community and experience life and work with fluidity and flexibility. Consider these excellent points for reasons to pursue a Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in writing.


  • Mentor—It is perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of the program, but you have time to have one-on-one intercommunication with an established writer. You can receive annotations and feedback on your writing for a period throughout the program.


  • Community—You can create valuable connections with other writers. You can interact with amateurs but receive education from professionals.


  • Audience—It is priceless the chance you have with a Low-res MFA program because you’ll find an audience for your voice. If it sounds cliché don’t let it distract you from seeing how precious the experience can be with a mentor who shares your writing and your peers who can give you real response to your creativity in workshops and intimate groups.


  • Solitude—The time spent away in the program is the chance for independence to delve into your creativity and produce volumes of work in the serenity of solitude.


  • Travel—If you have a job or parenting, think of this program as a getaway and vacation.

Some people jokingly but with skepticism lingering in thought refer to MFA as “scheme-FA” because they feel creativity is not something that could be taught. The Low-res MFA doesn’t claim to show students their artistry but rather the program teaches them strategies and moves to inspire and guide creativity. The student grows as a writer and becomes an exceptional reader of his or her work. This program may not be the best for everyone, but for the right creative, this is a chance of a lifetime. To discover more of the benefits and analyze its substantiation, contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for more information about the curriculum and admission.

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