Is Your Basement Flooded? Learn The Benefits of Sump Pump Installation

Keeping floodwaters out of your home may not be a constant concern. However, it’s important to consider the possibility. Sporadic storms and heavy downpours may cause water to build up in the basement. Proper plumbing maintenance isn’t always enough, and in these cases, sump pump installation will help for the reasons listed below.

Protecting the Basement

The biggest benefit of a sump pump is the decreased risk of basement flooding. Cleaning up a waterlogged basement isn’t just frustrating, it’s dangerous. Standing water presents an electrocution risk, and the professionals should handle the cleanup. Why go through all the stress when you can prevent much of it with a sump pump and some help from some Park Ridge plumbers?

Preventing Mildew and Mold Growth

Water damage frequently brings mildew and mold growth, which isn’t just foul-smelling; it can be hazardous to the family’s health. If you’re wheezing or coughing, it may be because of mold. Prevent water damage and mold growth by installing a sump pump in the basement.

Saving Money

Sump pumps don’t just prevent you from spending money on basement cleanup, but they also help you save on repairs. Water damage is devastating for the entire home, particularly for your wood, wallpaper, and appliances. With sump pump installation, you’ll save money on water damage-related home repairs.

Protecting the Home

Homes without sump pumps are at risk of foundation damage. With time, water may damage the home’s foundation, causing pest infestations and other damage. If there are appliances in the basement, flooding may cause an electrical fire. You may want to call some Park Ridge plumbers for sump pump advice.

We want your home and your basement to stay safe and dry throughout the year, and sump pump installation is the best way to do it. Visit for more information or call North Coast Sewer & Drainage to schedule service.

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