How to Use a Candle Warmer

Many people will use a candle warmer to make their home smell fresh. Using a candle warmer is a safe alternative to burning candles because there is no need to worry about an open flame.

There are several different types of candle warmers. The one we will discuss here is the electric candle warmer. The electric candle warmers are great for small rooms such as a bathroom or office. They plug in similar to a night-light.

The most difficult part of using a candle warmer is selecting the candle wax melts in your favorite fragrance!

To use a candle warmer you must first have wax melts on hand. It is important that you use a wax warmer to melt the wax because anything not designed for melting wax can burn the wax and be dangerous.

To use your candle warmer, remove all of the packaging material from your wax warmer. You should read all the instructions and any manufacturer’s safety instructions that accompanied your warmer. This will make sure you get the best use out of your wax warmer.

However, if your candle warmer does not come with instructions, then unpack your candle warmer from the manufacturer’s packaging being sure to remove all plastic coverings.

Wipe down the wax warmer including the top and warmer bowl. If the warmer comes in two pieces, then assemble the warmer.

Plug the warmer into the wall outlet. Make sure the cord is not dangling or will be in the way where someone could trip over it.

Place the wax melts into the small dish or reservoir.

Now turn on the candle warmer. Allow the warmer to melt the wax. The melting wax will release the fragrance.

That is it!

Use the wax warmer as often as you like. You can even mix wax scents to create your own customized scent.

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