Divorcing and Sorting Through Belongings Kept in Storage Solutions in Des Moines, IA

Getting divorced after many years can be a complicated endeavor. Decisions may be necessary regarding child custody and visitation as well as division of many types of assets. Some couples look for Storage Solutions in Des Moines IA as one or both of them move out of the family home.

One problem not often discussed regarding divorce is how to sort through a large shared storage unit the couple already has without getting into a fight. The couple does need to make decisions about their belongings that are stored. Four general strategies are possibilities, but two of them are avoidance measures.

Avoidance Tactics

One is to delay the project and decide who will continue paying for the unit at a facility such as Quality Construction Services Inc. The second is for one person simply to give the other all the belongings in the unit. This might be done if that spouse truly doesn’t care about anything that is in storage or if the thought of trying to sort through it together is simply too frustrating to deal with.

Sorting and Deciding

The third is to agree to spend as much time as needed to sort through everything and decide how to split up the belongings. This may be challenging if the spouses are not getting along. In that case, they might want to bring a couple of people who are friends with them both to offer moral support and a bit of guidance when discussions start to break down.

The fourth possibility, and perhaps the most reasonable one is to bring belongings to the family home and sort through them there. Depending on the size of the unit, this might require numerous trips and several separate times to get together for the project.

Renting a Second Unit

If the couple remembers most of the belongings they have in storage, they can work on dividing the items up on paper before visiting the unit. A convenient option is to rent one more unit for Storage Solutions in Des Moines IA in the same facility and separate the belongings between the two. Visit the website to learn more about one particular self-storage facility.

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