High-Tech Optical Equipment Is Game Changer For Sewer, Pipes Repair

Professional plumbers say the biggest mistake homeowners make when they have a clogged drain is to quickly opt for a store-bought, highly toxic blockage-clearing substance to dump down their drain. The reasons are many for this not being a good idea, the foremost of which it often does not work.

When it comes to clearing drains, knowledge is power. Specifically, that means mechanically traveling into the drain and getting an actual first-hand picture of what is going on down there. Modern flexible optical equipment enabled with lights, cameras and on-screen viewing can pinpoint problems and suggest an exact remedy.

Professional drains and sewer technicians in the Las Vegas area are now routinely armed with a battery of high-tech diagnostic tools that can penetrate the deepest layers of plumbing down to sewers and septic tanks. Vegas residents experiencing back-up problems may do well to get out a smartphone and search, “sewer camera inspections Las Vegas” as the first step toward resolving their drainage issues.

There’s no longer need for guessing or expensive digging to zero in on problems. Professionals today use tiny waterproof cameras which are inserted into access points. The devices are “navigated” by remote control to traverse an entire plumbing system. Every inch can be looked at directly. This high-tech hardware also has an auditory component to gather key data on types of substances causing problems.

State of the art “trenchless technologies” can not only access pipes without digging or dismantling, but the repairs themselves can be done from the inside and remotely.

Another non-toxic and minimally invasive method of clearing clogs is called “hydro jetting.” This high-tech solution involves the deployment of a multi-directional, high-powered water nozzle that blasts out the interior of a pipe.

So before you dump groundwater-polluting toxic chemicals down your drain, search on, “sewer camera Inspections Las Vegas” first to find a green, high-tech and effective solution.

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