Utilize A Sewer Inspection Camera Professional

If you’ve been dealing with multiple problems with your sewer pipes and tried to use a drain snake or one of the many chemical drain cleaners that are available, you may have solved your problem for only a short period of time. There may be an underlying source that will continue to get worse if it is not addressed by a sewer inspection Seattle professional. There can be a large number of reasons why you are noticing foul odors coming from your toilet or experiencing periodic sewer backups. The best way to combat this is by having a camera inspection done of your sewer pipes.

Utilize A Sewer Camera Inspection

When you really want to understand what the source of your sewer problem is, it’s best to utilize a sewer inspection Seattle company that specializes in sewer camera inspection. These industry professionals understand how to utilize a sewer camera so that it gives a complete visual look of the inside of your sewer lines. They’ll start at the cleanout hole and run the device through your pipelines. The waterproof, high-resolution camera is attached to a flexible rod, which can easily move through your sewer line. This shows all of the areas where there are any cracks, blockages or clogs that need to be dealt with.

Provides Vital Details

At the end of the sewer inspection, the sewer inspection Seattle professional will have a list of details that they can use to help determine if your sewer line needs to be cleaned, replaced or repaired. While this procedure is often done when a residential or commercial sewer problem has occurred, it can also be utilized as a proactive measure, which will help ensure that you are fully aware of any small problems in your sewer pipes before they have a chance to get out of control.

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